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I am a wedding and portrait photographer who loves capturing natural moments as they unfold. I will tell your story in a beautiful, realistic and timeless way. I am also drawn to the look of black and white photography. It never goes out of style! If you choose me as your photographer here is what you can expect...

1. I keep it simple 

To me, there is beauty in simplicity. Photography doesn't need to turn into a big production to get beautiful pictures. While it is my job as your photographer to seek out gorgeous light and make sure you look your best, I am more focused on capturing the simple and real moments that you are creating. Whether you are just walking hand in hand, laughing, or shedding a few happy tears, I truly believe those are the kind of moments that you will want to relive each time you look at your pictures. 

2. I keep it easy

Making sure my clients feel at ease is one of my top priorities! I totally understand that the majority of us feel super awkward in front of a camera. But you don't have to worry! Most of the time I'm just going to be getting pictures of you walking, talking, and laughing. I'll also throw some silly prompts in there to keep things fun and relaxed. That will always make for the best photos. I promise I won't make getting your pictures taken feel like a chore! 

3. I keep it natural

In my opinion, natural light will always be superior to anything man made. That is why I choose to shoot outdoors whenever possible! Huge Oak trees dripping with Spanish moss, cobblestone streets lined with charming houses, or ocean views during golden hour are the backdrops I will choose again and again. 





These are a few of my favorite things...

3. Planning! Whether it's a small dinner party, our next vacation, or another house project, planning is what I do! 

1. Costco! Seriously, it's my favorite place to go. I could talk about it for hours so I won't even start.

2. Pickle ball! It's our new obsession. Most Monday evenings you can find us on the courts attempting to keep our ball from launching into someone else's game.

Wedding and portrait photographer - Charleston, South Carolina

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